Rila Solar Home System (1.5kVA)


If you have a regular power supply in your area, you can choose this system without the solar components which will reduce the price. In other words, you can invest in just the backup system for moments when there is no power.

Some appliances this system can power:

TV Light bulb Refrigerator Game console Laptop Fan

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Service Provider: Rila Investment

This system integrates with your utility provider to store excess energy generated during the day, making it available when there is no power from the grid (PHCN/NEPA). This minimizes your reliance on the utility by giving you access to 24-hours* of clean uninterrupted power supply. This system is great for homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and shops.

You can also choose to purchase the system without the solar components. This is recommended if you have a good amount of power supply per day.


What’s Included (with solar):

  • 6 x Solar panels (300watts)
  • 4 x Gel batteries (200ah)
  •  2kva/24v Inverter
  • Charge Controller PWM 24v/50A
  • Battery Rack
  • Panel Roof Rack
  • 6mm flexible wire
  • Circuit breaker 100A


What’s Included (without solar):

  • 4 x Gel batteries (200ah)
  •  2kva/24v Inverter
  • Battery Rack
  • Circuit breaker 100A

What can it power*?


Light bulb Lights

Up to 15 (15w)

Fan Fans

up to 2 (50w)


up to 2 (120w)

Refrigerator Small fridge

1 (120w)


up to 3 (120w)



Product Warranty

  • Battery: Up to 2 years
  • Inverter: 1 year
  • Solar Panels: 25 years


To use this system optimally, it is highly recommended that you use energy-efficient appliances around your home/property.

*Do note that these figures are only based on estimates, as actual figures may differ based on your home energy usage and appliance types.

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With Solar, Without Solar