Rila Solar Home System (5kVA)


Residential and commercial 5000 Watt solar power energy storage system. This system is ideal for small businesses and large properties. It will power all of your appliances for 24 hours.

Here are some appliances that can be powered by this system:


TV Light bulb Refrigerator Game console  FanLaptop

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Service Provider: Rila Investment 

This 5000-watt system integrates with your utility provider to store excess energy generated during the day, making it available when there is no power from the grid (PHCN/NEPA). This minimizes your reliance on the utility by giving you access to 24-hours* of clean uninterrupted power supply. This system is great for homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and shops.

Going solar has a wide range of benefits and that’s great news! Whether economic, environmental, personal, or political, all of these benefits are fueling the need for alternative energy sources with solar currently being the most prominent.

What’s included (with solar):

  • Solar Panels
  • 8 Batteries
  • Solar mounting rack
  • Cables
  • Charge controllers
  • Inverter
  • Circuit breaker
  • Change over switch


What’s included (without solar):

  • 8 Batteries
  • Cables
  • Inverter
  • Circuit breaker
  • Change over switch


What can it power*?


Light bulb Lights

Up to 50 (15w)

Fan Fans

up to 20 (50w)


up to 10 (120w)

Refrigerator Fridge

10 (120w)


up to 20 (120w)

 Gaming console

up to 15 (140w)

  Energy efficient airconditioner

1 (700w)


Product Warranty

  • Battery: Up to 2 years
  • Inverter: 1 year
  • Solar Panels: 25 years


To use this system optimally, it is highly recommended that you use energy-efficient appliances around your home/property.

*Do note that these figures are only based on estimates, as actual figures may differ based on your home energy usage and appliance types.

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With Solar, Without Solar