Non-Executive Director

Tsoma Agyo is the founder and Managing Director of Equall Athletic LTD – a Nigerian sports apparel and equipment company that provides elite performance solutions in line with local environmental conditions and tailored to athletes’ needs. Over the last decade, Agyo has used his expertise in developing several successful businesses and optimizing business operations of clients; from education, retail, agriculture, export, etc.
He obtained a bachelor of science degree in business management from Brunel University, United Kingdom in 2014. Since then, he has applied his experience studying abroad to facilitate and ease the entire process of transition for young teenage Nigerians seeking higher education abroad by offering free counseling, mentorship, application and academic advising services.
He sits on the board of many startups that benefit from his insights to move forward, including Devlan Limited etc. He is passionate about lifting the hopes and aspirations of young people and equipping them with requisite tools to seek livelihood solutions in the midst of the diverse challenges faced in Nigeria, through entrepreneurship.