In this part of the world – Lagos, Nigeria – we are quite familiar with the hot climate. However, it is important we stay cool to mitigate the effects of excess heat exposure. The heat is hard on our bodies, mood and fuel bills! These top 5 tips will help you to keep your home cool without having to crank up your Air Conditioning unit too often.


Tip # 1
Invest in the Right Fans
There are many types of room fans in the market and they vary in terms of their ability to cool.

  • Ceiling fans consume 60-70 watts of power. They are long-lasting, durable and provide adequate airflow over a small area. However, they do produce noise.
  • Sanding fans on average consume 50-55 watts of power. They circulate air efficiently and can be carried from room to room. They can also reduce floor space.
  • Tower fans are sleek, slim in design and produce little noise. They tend to be less powerful than pedestal fans.
  • Water mist fans consume 120 watts and are highly effective – working both indoors and outdoors. They cost more than standing fans but are still significantly cheaper than AC’s.

Tip # 2
Block Out Light
Blocking out light blocks out heat. Keep your home cool by investing in the right curtains

and knowing when to open and close them.

  • Draw your curtains when the sun is the highest.
  • Blackout fabric curtains are the best option
  • Open your curtains in the evening to allow any built up heat to dissipate


Tip # 3
Invest in Cool Bedding
Heat is most felt when trying to sleep because it is more difficult to rest when your body temperature is high. Cool bedding can be the difference between an uncomfortable night and getting the much-needed shut-eye.

  • Swap your cotton bed sheets for percale or linen.
  • Percale sheets are crisp, light and breathable.
  • Linen sheets are porous and breathable too. This stops warm air from being trapped between the sheet and your body.

Tip # 4
Close Doors
Closing off unused rooms will help prevent warm air spreading to the spaces where you have generated cool air.




Tip # 5
Focus on your Body Temperature
Our ancestors survived without AC and so can you. Keep cool by focusing on your body temperature and not the house.

  • Apply a cold cloth to your body’s best cooling points like your neck and wrists
  • Drink enough water to keep hydrated. Cold iced drinks also provide relief
  • Set up a cold foot bath from time to time
  • Dampen your bedsheets for additional relief

Stay cool and save money with uninterrupted power supply.

Get started today.

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